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6th Grade students must have TDAP in order to begin 7th grade. Proof must be provided to Records Office at Cope Middle School.
The Redlands High School Counselors want to encourage all our future parents and guardians to attend our annual 8th into 9th Grade Parent Night on Monday, April 10 at 6:00 p.m. in Clock Auditorium on the RHS campus. Topics to be covered included graduation requirements, registration forms, honors programs, summer school, student activities, and academic policies.  The High School asks that you download and print the registration documents.
Cope Running Club
Cope Running Club began as a way to promote the joy of running in the middle schools. It is a simple introduction to Cross Country Running. Before we begin are regular practice we will have several informational lunch meetings.  After the informational meetings, we will be practicing on Mondays and Fridays in the morning.  Meet first in F-12 for important information.   After the run, the students will be able to change.  We will be participating in 6 runs this year. The times and dates will be handed out at the first Running Club meeting.   The first meeting will take place on Wednesday August 31 during second lunch in F-12.  We will also have a meeting Thursday  September 1st during first lunch.   Both of these meetings will be informational.   First practice Wednesday September 7th at 7:45.    Please listen for the announcement in the bulletin. 
Discussion Topics
Group Contacts
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Group Announcements
End of Season Party
End of Season Party on Friday December 9th at both lunches! Pizza, soda and cookies for all who ran!! F-12
Walk Thru for Prospect Park.
Walk through for the course will be:
Friday December 2nd at 3:30-Cope: Mrs. Ganther
Saturday December 3rd 8:00 –Beattie: Mr. Sells
Sunday December 4th- 8:00 Moore: Mr. Perkins
Prospect Park Times Revised!
Walk through at 1:45 sharp! We will be done around 4. Please plan to stay until the end as we will have drawings for prizes! It is a fun race!!

8th Grade Girls 2:00
8th Grade Boys 2:10
7th Grade Girls 2:20
7th Grade Boys 2:30
6th Grade Girls 2:40
6th Grade Boys 2:55
Prospect Park Map
Prospect Park
Prospect Park

Walk through at 2:00 sharp! We will be done around 4. Please plan to stay until the end as we will have drawings for prizes! It is a fun race!!

8th Grade Girls 2:15
8th Grade Boys 2:25
7th Grade Girls 2:35
7th Grade Boys 2:45
6th Grade Girls 2:55
6th Grade Boys 3:10

Walk through for the course will be:
Friday Nov 18th at 3:30
More dates to follow to be announced Monday November 28th!
Beattie Race Nov 10
3:30 walk through
3:40 start races 8th girls first
every 7 minutes start new race.
3:47 8B
3:55 7G
4:04 7B
4:13 6G
4:22 6B

Please tell your parents to park in the shared lot between Beattie and Highland Grove. DO NOT park in the front parking lot and DO NOT drop off in the front parking lot. They will get in the way of our buses. A good place to park is at the back of the school (west side) along Webster and in the parking lot on that side.

7800 Orange Street
Highland, California 92346


Take the 210 toward the mountains.
Take the 5th St exit, exit 33
Turn right onto Greenspot Rd/5th St
Turn left on Orange St.
7800 Orange St.
Cope Invitational Nov 3
The Cope Invitational will begin right after school. Please be sure to wear your Run club shirt to school on Thursday!
Clement Directions Thursday Oct 27
501 E. Pennsylvania Ave

Take Cypress to Cajon. Turn left on Cajon
Cajon becomes Orange St.
Turn right on E. Pennsylvania Ave
501 E. Pennsylvania Ave.
Clement Run Thursday October 27
1:20 - 1:28 PM: Walk Through, Course Orientation, and Post Race Instructions (Left of Starting Line – Facing Track)
1:30 PM: 8th Grade Girls Start
1:40 PM: 8th Grade Boys Start
1:50 PM: 7th Grade Girls Start
2:00 PM: 7th Grade Boys Start
2:10 PM: 6th Grade Girls Start
2:20 PM: 6th Grade Boys Start
2:35 PM: All Participants, Parents, and Spectators gather at East End of Football Field for awards ceremony.
October 24 Run Club Canceled
Run Club canceled due to rain. Please plan on coming on Wednesday at 7:45 ready to run. Please see Mrs. Spencer, Mr Windver or Mrs Ganther for information on the Clement Run on Thursday October 27th.
Mt Sac
The race times are posted. Here is what Cope will be running. these are race times. Please allow plenty of time to get there. If you did not get the handout at training, print it out from the files for Mt Sac. Please bring a note to be released from school on Thursday or Friday morning.

8th grade boys 2:40
8th grade girls 2:50
7th grade boys 3:40
7th grade girls 3:50
6th grade boys 4:45
6th grade girls 5:00
Moore Race Oct 6 and Mt Sac Oct 14
We handed out information for these two races at Run Club this week.

Moore will start with a walk thru at 3:30. 8th grade girls start first after the walk thru. Mt Sac information is all on the pink sheets or on the Mt Sac files below. Please be sure to check out of the office and bring a early release note to the office on Wed Oct 12 or Thurs Oct 13th. A sample note is listed in the file below.
Moore Middle School October 6th
The race will start with a walk thru at 3:30. Do not be late. 8th grade girls should be there by 3:30. There will be a quick walk through and the 8th grade girls will run.
Races will be spaced approximately 10 min apart. Order is 8th girls, 8th boys, 7th girls, 7th boys, 6th girls, 6th boys. Awards to follow.


1550 Highland Ave.
Redlands, CA. 92374
Office Main Number: (909) 307-5440


The Cypress East. Turn right on Redlands Bl. Turn left on Highland. Take Highland down about 2 miles or so.
The school is on the left.

Mt Sac
The deadline to run Mt Sac is Wednesday September 28th. If you have joined Run Club you are entered in Mt Sac. There will be more information to follow about Mt Sac. If you are interested in joining Run Club and want to run Mt Sac, you MUST join by Wednesday September 28th.

Training Monday and Wednesday at 7:45.
Sept 19 and 21
Anyone is still welcome to join. We have a great and large group of runners! The deadline for Mt Sac will be on Wednesday September 28th, so please get in your paperwork before then. I can not make extensions to Mt Sac.

Please don't forget Run Club training on Monday and Wednesday. The locker rooms will be open at 7:35 for students to change. Please be ready to go at 7:45. Meet in F-12 and then we will be out stretching out on the basketball courts by 7:50. Our first race will be on October

6th so we want everyone out running!! Bring water to hydrate!

Everyone is welcome to join Run Club! It is never too late to join! I do have a cut off date for t-shirts as well as Mt Sac. It will be on Monday September 19th. I will need the dues and t-shirt orders by that time.

Training will be next Monday and Wed, Sept 12 and 14th. We will start at 7:45. Meet in F-12. Come ready to run. Students will be receiving lockers on Monday and Tuesday so they will be able to dress out for Run Club in the locker room at that time! See you Monday!!
Run Club First Meeting
Our first meeting of the year will be Wednesday August 31 second lunch. It will be informational where we will hand out paperwork. We will also meet on Thursday September 1st at first lunch to hand out information. Meeting time is at lunch in F-12.

The first practice will take place on Wednesday September 7th at 7:45. Meet in F-12.

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